Tia’s Bio

Name: Tia Blanco

Age: 13

Hometown: San Clemente , CA

Country: USA

Sport: surfing

I was originally born in Puerto Rico and raised in South Orange County.  I’m a vegetarian and love to surf.  I moved to Hawaii in 2006 and started competing in 2008. In 2010 I moved back to California.  I surf and compete in long board, short board and SUP (stand up paddle).

Homebreak: Trestles

Years surfing and how you got started: I’ve been surfing since I was 3.  My dad use to put me on his board and push me into the white wash.  I got more into it when I moved to Hawaii and started competing in 2008 I love the warm water.

Goals: I would love to make it to NSSA Nationals.   I would also like to teach physically and mentally challenged kids how to surf.

Inspirations: I really look up to Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, and Bethany Hamilton . They all are great and humble surfers.  When I am older I want to be a good role model like they are to me and my friends.

Ethnicity Filipino/Italian/German/Irish/French/American Indian

Motto: always do your best at whatever you do because that will make the difference between good and great

Favorite swim wear: I like Honey Girl Swim Wear.

Favorite board: My 5’4 Kimo Greene short board

Favorite movie: Blue Crush, The Drifter and A Broke Down Melody

Favorite food: fruit !!!

Favorite music artist: I love all kinds of music from Hip Hop to Island Reggae.

Whats on your ipod: a variety of music

Surfer buddies: everyone that I know that surfs is my surf buddy !

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